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What is Personalized Enhanced Care?

Family Medicine Specialists will be limited to 300-600 patients, allowing for more focused attention and time spent with each patient, 24/7 access, no-wait appointments, quick response time, and better doctor/patient relationship.

Each patient will pay an annual Member Amenities Fee.

What are the benefits of this practice vs. a traditional practice?

  • Direct access to the physician, by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Same day or next day appointments with no wait and longer appointments.
  • Focus on preventative health.
  • An annual comprehensive wellness exam.
  • Coordination and oversight of referrals to specialists and outpatient tests and treatments.
  • Hospitalization and hospital visits by Dr. McBrearty versus a hospital-based physician.

Who can join this practice?

Dr. McBrearty’s current patients are being given first preference, by invitation.
After March 1, 2015, the practice will be open to new patients.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time, however, no refund will be given after the annual physical exam is performed. Refunds granted will be prorated based on number of months of service.

Do I still need private insurance or medicare?

Yes, you will need health insurance for hospital admissions and procedures, as well as for appointments with specialists. Your annual fee at Family Medicine Specialists covers all office visits and copays.

When is the enrollmant period?

There is no defined enrollment period. You may enroll at any time.

What is included in the Annual Wellness Exam?

  • A complete review of your medical history
  • A custom-tailored wellness plan
  • Comprehensive lab work and screenings
  • Other age and gender-appropriate exams or tests recommended by the U.S. Preventative Task Force.

What are the payment arrangements?

Payment is due at the time of enrollment. It can be paid in full, or arrangements may be made to pay in installments over the first three months. The fee must be paid in its entirety before the annual wellness exam can be scheduled. Regular appointments may be scheduled upon enrollment.

What happens to my records if I do not join Family Medicine Specialists?

Your records will remain with Family Practice Associates. If you choose a different physician, you may request that your records be transferred to that physician.

Michael McBrearty, MD

Michael McBrearty, MD