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Personalized Enhanced Care

Michael McBrearty, MD

A Message from Dr. McBrearty


For more than 30 years I have had the privilege to serve many families on the Eastern Shore. Providing my patients with personalized medical care has always been my top priority. I value the time and attention I have given them, and that I believe they deserved.

As you are aware, the healthcare system in our country is changing. And while there are some good changes in terms of giving more people access to healthcare, the complexity of the system means there will be less time for personalized care.

Because of this, effective December 31, 2014 I have transitioned my medical practice to a new location and, more importantly, a new concept in medicine. My new practice, Family Medicine Specialist, is built around the concept of personalized, enhanced care, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

First and foremost the practice is limited to 300-600 patients, compared to the 4,000-5,000 patients in my previous practice. This allows me to truly know my patients and their health issues and time to treat them accordingly.

There is an annual “enrollment fee” that includes a comprehensive, annual physical exam with the appropriate tests, guaranteed no-wait appointments, hospitalization and hospital visits by me, personally, and 24/7 access to me via phone and email.

Some of the common questions I’m asked are, what will my insurance cover, and how much is the fee? Please take a moment to look over the FAQs posted here. And should you need additional information, please give me a call or send me an email. I will be happy to answer your questions.

I believe the most important question is, “How will this affect my health?” The answer is this: I will dedicate my skills, knowledge and time to your good health. You will not have to wait or feel rushed, and I will know all there is to know about your health and well being. Prevention and early detection are the keys to protecting your most valuable asset—your health. I believe that having a close relationship with your doctor, easy access and communication will give you those keys.

I hope you will join me in this new venture, and I look forward to providing you with personalized, enhanced care.


Michael McBrearty, M.D.

Michael McBrearty, MD

Michael McBrearty, MD